Fellow Kenyans,

I address you at a time like no other time in our memory. This year’s Easter is going to be drastically different in many significant ways, but its message remains the same. After the trials, sorrow and gloom that comes with the crucifixion of Christ on Friday, there is assured hope that rises with His resurrection on Sunday. Our current situation has brought us its share of tribulation and heartbreak, but what a better time for us to consider our blessed hope in Almighty God for the assured victory ahead! DOWNLOAD FULL SPEECH –

2. We are in a new place, confronting a situation that is wholly unprecedented in our time. We have never been here before. Our children are all out of school. The favourite matatu and bodaboda rider, reliable mama mboga, that dependable barber or salonist are all facing serious challenges. Our airline industry is grounded. Hotels have shut their doors. We can no longer attend places of worship as we always did. This is phenomenal. And the cause of all this is the novel coronavirus, a minute fragment of inert genetic code.

3. Fortunately for us, defeating this virus, which has occasioned so much suffering, mayhem and disruption on a scale never witnessed in recent history does not require the nuclear bomb, mighty armies, or fighter jets. Simple behavioural and hygiene measures ; avoiding handshakes, washing hands with soap, sanitising, wearing masks, social distancing, staying at home simple as they seem guarantee us a decisive knockout blow against the virus.

4. The fight against coronavirus is a paradox. While on the one hand, we have a deadly virus that threatens to wipe out people and disrupt the world on a scale never before experienced, defeating it completely on the other hand takes such basic measures and elementary precautions. We must not be confused by the simplicity of washing hands, social distancing and staying home to underestimate the deadly, dangerous and destructive coronavirus.

5. Let us remember that the coronavirus cannot move, or multiply by itself. It desperately needs our bodies for mobility , for transport from one victim to another, and from one locality to another. Curtailing our movements will completely immobilise this enemy and stop its spread. DOWNLOAD FULL SPEECH –