Ruto – Respect separation of powers

Ruto – Respect separation of powers

Deputy President William Ruto has called on Government institutions to respect separation of powers, saying anything short of that is a recipe for anarchy in the country.

He urged the three arms of Government: –  The Judiciary, The Executive and The Legislature to operate within the confines of the  provisions of the Constitution. There should be mutual respect between the  institutions  for good governance to be realized.

The Deputy President was  speaking at Kiambu  Township Secondary School where he presented  ICT certificates  to more than 1000 teachers  who had completed computer literacy courses.

The Deputy President presents ICT literacy certificates to Kiambu County Teachers.

Once again the Deputy President asked elected leaders  to stop bickering over Government development programmes  saying  such a  discourse would only serve to stifle progress that the Government has embarked on.

“We are committed to expanding the economy to improve the lives of all Kenyans and  no amount of noise will discourage us from that objective.”

Mr. Ruto who gave one million shillings for  the expansion of the Kiambu  Township Secondary School and pledged another two million shillings to  St. Peters  Secondary School, Ndumberi   said it was critical to improve  facilities in schools in the country  so as to provide quality education to  students and make them ready  to take on challenges of nation building in future.

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo alleged that some Government officials had grabbed public land in the county making it difficult to build public utility projects like schools and asked  the Government to intervene.