Expectations for 2014 ~ By WILLIAM RUTO

In less than a fortnight, the Jubilee administration will be nine months old. In terms of the mankind’s cycle of life, such a duration is significant in an familiar, optimistic, affirming way. For this reason, I have taken this opportunity to share with you my expectations for the New Year.

The work of Government centres on three emphases: constitutional implementation, Vision 2030 and delivery of the pledges in the Jubilee manifesto. The first entails the discharge of the sovereign mandates of the people of Kenya instituted on August 27th 2010. It is our duty and honour to have this opportunity as Government, to serve the people and observe their sovereignty at all times. Read More…

Soaring wage bill will cripple Kenya ~ By WILLIAM RUTO

As Kenya heaves a sigh of relief at the conclusion of the wasteful, disruptive and ill-timed teachers’ strike, I find it necessary to contribute to the debate over public sector wage expectations and the general macro-economic and fiscal circumstances affecting it.

The whole point of the Jubilee Coalition’s raft of undertakings is to grow the economy as the foundation of national happiness. Indeed, economic growth is the imperative of all sensible governments.

There is an excellent macro-economic justification to rationalise the national public sector wage bill. The Constitution requires us to have a wage-setting mechanism which links remuneration to fiscal sustainability while ensuring that public service continues to attract and retain skilled staff. The mechanism must also ensure that there is transparency and fairness in setting wages. Read More…