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Deputy President William Ruto on Media Law


Deputy President William Ruto has said the Government has no intention of muzzling the press.

He pointed out that the Government had a constitutional responsibility to uphold all freedoms enshrined in the Constitution and it was not about to emasculate these freedoms.

Mr. Ruto was commenting on the Kenya Information and Communication (Amendment) Bill. He was speaking at the Jesus Winner Ministry Church, Roysambu, Nairobi where he attended a Sunday service.

He acknowledged the important role played by the media in informing, educating and entertaining the public but cautioned the media to exercise responsibility.

He said the Government and stakeholders in the media industry will relook at the bill passed by Parliament with a view of addressing the concerns raised.

“The media should not be intimidated, indeed the best way to support the Government is to criticize it where it goes wrong,” said Mr. Ruto

The Deputy President at the same time lauded Kenyans for remaining steadfast and resilient in the wake of challenges like the terror attack at Westgate Mall.

“Despite our individual differences I am happy that when it comes to national issues, Kenyans come together to overcome any challenges facing the nation," he added.

Mr. Ruto singled out security as an issue of concern saying the Government would reexamine the security policy.

The National Government, he added, will work with County Governments in development activities. The Deputy President gave an example of Nairobi where the National Government will be involved in streamlining the transport system, by constructing 28 railway stations.

November 3, 2013 Mulinya/DPPS