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Sugar Company receives Shs. 429 Million grant

Butali Sugar Mills has received a grant of Shs. 429 million  from the Kenya Sugar Board for the development of infrastructure within its catchment area.

Deputy President William Ruto said that the money will  be used for purchase of equipment for  construction of feeder roads, expansion of the acreage in the sugar catchment area and general improvement of infrastructure.

He spoke at the factory in Malava.


Deputy President William Ruto with Kakamega  Senator  Bonny  Khalwale  and other dignitaries when  he visited Butali Sugar Mills. - Photos

The Government, he said, had put in place  a comprehensive  plan to ensure concerns of sugar cane farmers were addressed including supplying subsidized  fertilizers.

He said: “We want  the cost of fertilizer for  sugar cane  farmers to  go down from the current Shs. 4,000 to  Shs. 1,600."

Mr. Ruto  at the same time   said the Government will protect  local farmers from  unscrupulous traders  who had flooded the market  with imported  sugar from   outside  the Common Market for Southern and Eastern  Africa (COME SA) region.